3rd Plum Pudding Prize. One day left to hit the road!


Well known and much loved within the industry, Plum Pudding is a British Agency representing illustrators and authors from all over the world. An incredibly dynamic, passionate and proactive agencie. Specialising in children’s illustration, Plum Pudding’s exceptional knowledge of the industry, extensive contacts and immense love and passion for what they do, coupled with a firm belief in … Continue Reading »

Small World Publishers: a long journey to Valladolid!


We are glad to share our last signing-up for IlustraTour Seminars: Small World Publishers, probably the most exclusive and diverse association of independent and artistic publishers! “Petra Ediciones (Mexico) Les Trois Ourses (France) One Stroke (Japan) & Tara Books (India). Diverse publishers, but together we are Small World” How do we managed to gather all them … Continue Reading »

NODE: how to make an illustration into a hand-made carpet


We aim to connect a worldwide network of designers and artists with traditional Nepalese carpet makers to create beautiful handmade rugs. So… Let’s make an illustration into a hand-made carpet by Nepalese makers”. This is our new challenge! But… what is this all about? How is it possible to connect such two different worlds, your laptop … Continue Reading »