Kitty Crowther

How to invent a story. Kitty Crowther

“Stories are the first thing that fascinate me, they manage to push me to convert all those characters coming to my mind in images. I love the creative process, the beginning of the route”. Kitty Crowther proposes to start this creative under a single condition: bringing your children’s soul and exposing it from your adult mind. Drawing without judgment. Accepting the line and the mistake, overcoming the “I don’t not know” to get caught up in the pleasure, the joy of telling stories and drawing. The first thing we will do together will be to find out our characters. And then follow them. Simply



How to design, produce and publish a book in five days of the summer.
With this workshop we will learn how to generate ideas, to escape the pressure doing small projects in a small time, how to self-edit from the idea to the layout, printing and binding. If you want to produce, this is your workshop. You will manage to get out with your book under your arms! And we’ll achieve all this work along different changes of scenerios and plenty of breaks. A workshop so much punk as Puño is himself, to learn how to enjoy the change of personality, from producer artist to publisher: “it’s funny to realize that being an illustrator is not drawing at home and wait for someone to come and discover you “.

Marc Boutavant

Let`s have a llife on paper. Marc Boutavant

This workshop’s proposal arises from a really exciting mixture: adventure and travel books. As travel literature has its own codes, to create an illustrated travel story requires a different view over narration, sequence and definition of charaters’ space and time. Marc’s choice for the work in the workshop is this land so close connected to ship’s logs, adventure films and to the traveller we keep inside us. People interested in, please start thinking about your dream place to dwell during a whole week…

Chris Haughton

Creating a New World: Re-inventing a Visual Language. Chris Haughton

Like language itself, visual language must adhere to its own internal rules. The more fantastic the better but how far can they be pushed without breaking? Whether in picturebooks, animation or illustration, characters and the worlds they inhabit must follow their own rules. The brain is wired to extract complex causes and narrative from very small, simple visual clues as long as they adhere to their own logic. A character may be a simple square and nothing more but it may tell a story more engagingly and entertainingly than if it were a full character. In this workshop we will choose a folk story and a way to re-tell it with a new visual language, one that can tell the story in an inventive new way..

David Wiesner

“Who Are You? Discovering Stories through Characters”. David Wiesner

Stories come alive through their characters. We will find stories through the eyes of a character each person will create – human, animal, monster, whatever. To find out whom this character is and what their stories are, we will build their world – their family, their friends, and their pets, where they live, shop, or go to school. The character will interact with their environment and out of those episodes stories will grow. We will also explore different ways of telling those stories. What exactly is a “book”? How creatively can that be defined?

Oliver Jeffers

Showing and telling. The different flavors of words and pictures. Oliver Jeffers

In this workshop, Oliver will work with the group to explore how words and pictures have different jobs to do when they come together in the world of picture books..